Product Placement

There’s no question that consumers pay attention to what they see on the screen, and your sales can skyrocket if your brand is associated with a television show or feature film. Whether you manufacture cell phone cases or ice-cream, there’s a place for you in the entertainment industry.

We connect corporate clients to the producers, directors and writers who can place your brand in their productions. You will meet with key decision makers so that they understand your product and the type of placement most appropriate for your brand and image.

There are several different options for product placement, including visual, verbal or brand exposure. Your product doesn’t have to be physically handled or used by on the of the actors to register positively with viewers. Verbal exposure, where your product is mentioned in a conversation, can be just as effective. Another popular form of product placement is to have your brand appear on signage in the background of a scene, for example on the side of a building or on a billboard.

Product placement is non-intrusive, seamless, and highly persuasive. With the increase in digital platforms for viewing movies and television comes heightened opportunities for viewers to fast-forward through the advertising. Because product placements are integrated into the entertainment, they can’t be skipped. You are assured of an audience rivetted to the screen rather than fumbling for the remote.

Talk to us about how to get your brand to the box office. With product placement, you don’t have to be listed in the credits to see a share of the profits.

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