Film Finance

From the start, and in the end, it’s all about the money. If you don’t have the necessary financing, your passion is going to stay firmly lodged in the bottom of your underwear drawer. Most people dread the thought of finding investors, but that’s what we do best.

We are Executive Producers, providing the financial backing for your independent film or television project. In partnership with a variety of investors, we raise the funds and secure the finances that will help pay for everything from equipment to rentals and salaries. We provide a bridge between your film and its investors, making sure that you have the money you need and that they get the return they’re expecting.

Our experts work closely with each client to build a financial package specifically tailored for your project. In addition to finding investors, we can help secure loans, discuss tax considerations, and advise on government or private sector funds that may be available to provide assistance. Potential revenue sources abound, and we will help you explore them all.

Our job doesn’t end when the cash hits the bank. We also help ensure that everything stays within budget and on schedule. We take care of the business end of film-making so that you can concentrate on making the film.

If you’ve got a great idea and need a professional team of financial experts to back your project, we should talk.

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