Casting Administration

Finding the right people for the job can be one of the more challenging aspects of bringing your project to fruition. We collaborate with a broad range of Casting Directors through our extensive professional network, to ensure you find exactly who you’re looking for.

Our casting partners are resourceful, experienced and very good at what they do. They’ll comb through their stable of established clients and arrange targeted casting calls to bring you the exact talent to match your vision.

Services include pre-screening prospective candidates so that you’re not overwhelmed with head shots, videos, demo tapes and mountains of resumes. Organizing call-backs and holding secondary auditions for promising actors. Auditions can even be recorded if you want a first-hand look at a few of your options.
In addition to finding your principle cast members, we can also search for background actors, stand-ins, and suitable talent for voice-over work.

Whether you’re looking for a recognizable face or a promising up-and-comer, we’ll take care of your casting needs and help you recruit the very best.

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