It has been more than four years, but Yiou Sechang still thinks about it every day: Waking up on his living room sofa to find himself engulfed in flames…
his wife rushing to his aid with a blanket, only to catch fire herself…his brother running to the front door and holding it closed from the outside, trapping Sechang’s family inside their Van Nuys apartment. From there the picture goes blank. Sechang thinks he blacked out. But others have reconstructed the events of Nov. 1, 1981, for him.

He now knows that two neighbors who had been visiting the apartment quenched the flames with a fire extinguisher and water and helped his four children escape through the bathroom window. He also knows that his wife, Yong Sechang, who very likely saved his life, died two days later of her injuries. She was 32. His brother, Chang In Chai Bounsoy, doused Sechang and his wife with gasoline, then ignited the fire with a cigarette lighter. Police arrested him shortly afterward when they found him lying in the dry Tujunga Wash near Sherman Way and Woodman Avenue in Van Nuys, both ankles broken in what they described as a failed suicide leap from a bridge. Sechang spent the three months after the fire in a hospital, undergoing treatment for severe burns on his hands, face and chest. The scars serve as a constant reminder of the tragedy.

The story of Yiou will take us back to the beginning in Thailand where he struggled to bring his family to the United States. Period drama set back in the late 70’s in Thailand’s refugee camps THROUGH the tragedy to the OUTCOME of Yiou and his family.

  • 90


Type:Feature Film
Genre:Drama and True Story
Creator:Sechang Family
Producer:Alain Zaloum, Vivian Naree
Ex. Producer:Ralph Cooper II, Kweku Hayford
Talent:Daniel Day Kim, Chrissy Teagan
Location:Thailand & Los Angeles, CA
Budget:$10 Million

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