The Patriarch



In the tradition of Don’t Breathe, 10 Cloverfield Lane and the Hostel series, The Patriarch recounts the chilling story of a family man obsessed with his mysterious and controlling neighbor.

Kyle is a blue-collar guy who lives with his family in a secluded new residential development. When Alan and Monica Milton move in next door with their two teenage children, Kyle begins to suspect that there’s something unsavory going on behind the family’s clean-cut exterior. A bizarre dinner heightens Kyle’s insistence that Alan and his family are not at all what they appear to be. Late one evening, he furtively watches Alan bury three bloodstained garbage bags, which confirms his suspicions and fuels a growing sense of foreboding.

Drawn to his neighbor’s house by an unrelenting curiosity, Kyle Morgan learns the truth about a terrifying serial killer who murders at will to recreate his nuclear family. It’s a discovery that comes too late to save Kyle’s wife, his kids, and ultimately himself.

This is a gripping and macabre story that falls squarely within the ever-popular horror genre. The project is to be headed by award winning Director/Producer
Jason Anthony Fisher. The four lead roles will be played by Alvaro Orlando (Kyle), Adriane Mclean (Molly, Kyle’s wife), Nathan Ferrier (Alan), and Deborah Fumes (Monica, Alan’s wife).

  • 81


Type:Feature Film
Genre:Drama and Thriller
Creator:Rhonnie Fordham
Director:Jason Anthony Fisher
Producer:Jason Anthony Fisher
Ex. Producer:Kweku Hayford
Talent:Alvaro Orlando, Nathan Ferrier, Adriane Mclean, Deborah Fumes
Screenplay:Rhonnie Fordham
Budget:$500 Thousand

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