The Kit Kat Girls



The sequel to Bob Fosse’s Cabaret. The Kit Kat Girls will take us back to The Kit Kat Klub where it ALL started – fast forward to the modern times of today. Whatever became of The Kit Kat Club and the many different characters who survived life by performing in the staged shows that the club offered? The club
barely holding on by the owner who once performed as the MC (Joel Grey) of the club… will he give the keys over to his daughter, one of The Kit Kat Girls dancer or will it finally be laid to rest after 50 years? Jazz dance numbers will be revived such as “Willkommen”, “Cabaret”, and “Me in Herr” and new & original music components will be introduced in the feature.


  • Release:TBD
  • Type:Feature Film
  • Genre:Comedy, Drama, and Musical
  • Creator:Vivian Naree
  • Director:TBD
  • Producer:Alain Zaloum, Vivian Naree
  • Ex. Producer:Ralph Cooper II, Kweku Hayford
  • Talent:Joel Grey
  • Screenplay:TBD
  • Location:Los Angeles, CA & New York, NY
  • Distro:TBD
  • Status:Development
  • Budget:$30 Million

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