In The Game



When Sauly and Rob lose their soccer scholarships for cheating on a math final, they must find another way to pay for their schooling. Having dragged his best friend into the ill-advised scheme, Sauly now feels responsible for solving their sudden financial woes. He turns to his childhood contacts in New York, gang members who are now dealing drugs, and convinces Rob that it’s an easy way to fund their education.

Rob jeopardizes his relationship with Melissa, his girlfriend, by agreeing to sell drugs and refusing to stop when she finally confronts him. The easy life that Sauly promised has become addictive, and the two friends become ever more deeply entrenched in life on the streets. Sauly’s extravagant spending lands his crew in trouble with their cartel supplier, and he places the lives of his tight-knit crew at risk.

Undercover police officers are homing in on the dealers just as Rob is promising that he’ll leave after one final job. The entire crew is rounded up in a sting
operation that ensures the ill-fated deal will truly be Rob and Sauly’s last. This cautionary tale is a powerful drama that doesn’t soft-pedal the difficulties of escaping life on the urban streets. In The Game pays tribute to friendship, loyalty and brotherhood, while acknowledging that even these cannot stop good people from doing very bad things.

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Type:Feature Film
Director:Jason Anthony Fisher
Producer:Jason Anthony Fisher, Mark A. Woodard
Ex. Producer:Kweku Hayford
Talent:Mark Justice, Manson Thomas, Alvaro Orlando, Hans Marrero, Rachel Riley, John Marshall Jones, Jaleel White, Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Malik Bazille, Diana Lu, Ali Olomi, Victor Almanzar, Nathan Ferrier, Adriane Mclean, Crystal Harris
Screenplay:Jason Anthony Fisher,
Budget:$8 Million

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