Crossing Flowers Motel



Kenny is a confused and lonely young man who was adopted as a baby and has yet to find his place in the world. His life plan is to have sex with the women he
finds online and spend the rest of his days living in a shabby motel.

Melanie was forced to give up her child after a teenage pregnancy and has lived a rich and traveled existence. When the two hook-up, the sex takes a back seat to the wisdom Kenny finds in the older woman’s stories as they drink their way through days of conversation. As time passes, he cannot help but wonder if she is, in fact, the mother he has never known.

Yet the Crossing Flowers Motel is much more than Kenny’s home. He feels that the motel’s walls have been talking to him these many months, speaking of insights gleaned from the many people who have passed through its doors. The Motel has been both confidante and mentor, and now Kenny is losing touch with what’s real. Is Melanie truly his mother, or has the motel simply planted the seed in his fertile imagination?

Crossing Flowers Motel was a film festival nominee for best screenplay in 2015. It is a moving psychological drama that blends a coming of age story with a darker tale of longing, defeat and abandonment. Surreal and thought-provoking, Kenny’s story is both unique and profoundly gripping.

  • 84


Type:Feature Film
Director:Jason Anthony Fisher
Producer:Jason Anthony Fisher, Mark A. Woodard
Ex. Producer:Kweku Hayford
Talent:Mark Justice, Corinna Harney, Gus Langley, Antonio Bonilla, Carolina De Athey
Screenplay:Jacob Stuart
Budget:$500 Thousand

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