Cranky & Uptight



The old saying that opposites attract is blown out of the water in this creative romantic comedy that touches on everything from Irish literature to saving the whales.

When clean-living Ernest meets Jolene, a free-spirited co-worker from another office, sparks fly at the annual retreat. It is a gathering hosted by Rod Reed, the
owner of the kitchen and bathroom chain where his eight managers work. Unfortunately, Jolene is beset by a series of mishaps which leave her reaching for
the anti-anxiety medication she forgot at home, thoroughly alienating an unimpressed Ernest. They are fated to remain apart until a fire thrusts Ernest and his assistant Chuck into the center of Jolene’s store.

Rekindling their fledgling relationship, Ernest and Jolene find that “cranky” and “uptight” might have something in common after all. A passionate embrace at the Christmas party, however, leaves Ernest worried about professionalism and Jolene throwing darts at his picture. They turn a corner when Ernest comes to realize that there’s a difference between medication and the hard drug use that killed his only brother.

Cranky & Uptight is a deceptively light jaunt through complex issues that are addressed with humor, compassion, and the inevitable happy ending that will warm the cockles of the most cynical heart.

  • 95


Type:Feature Film
Genre:Comedy and Romance
Creator:Karen Buckton
Director:Jason Anthony Fisher
Producer:Jason Anthony Fisher, Mark A. Woodard
Ex. Producer:Kweku Hayford
Talent:Jet Tranter, Mark Justice, Agnes Olech, Dan Shaked
Screenplay:Karen Buckton
Budget:$3.6 Million

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