Bounty Hunter



When notorious biker Gearhead Green threatens to skip bail, bounty hunter John Hansen and his team have ten hours to bring him in. Their financial future hangs
on Green showing up for court, but they are unaware of the measures a group of criminals will take to make sure he never makes it.

Fullbright is a ruthless international arms dealer who needs Green on a sale he is working with a group of middle-eastern clients. When Hansen discovers that he’s hiding Green at a local biker bar, the crew moves in to capture their man. They are ambushed by a group of Fullbright’s cronies and suffer casualties before finally confronting the arms dealer and his clients.

All hell breaks loose when the clients try to pull out of the deal as Hansen and his partner storm the biker bar. When the bullets stop flying, only Kitten and Thomas, two of Fullbright’s hitmen, are left standing. In the final showdown, Hansen and his female crew member must fight to the finish to recapture their fugitive and bring him to justice.

Bounty Hunter is a dramatic action flick with plenty of bad guys, tough heroes, and sultry leading ladies. It’s a genre with universal appeal, and who doesn’t love a great biker brawl?

  • 115


Type:Feature Film
Genre:Action and Adventure
Creator:Frank Burmaster
Director:Jason Anthony Fisher
Producer:Sharry Flaherty, Shaun Gerardo, Jason Anthony Fisher
Ex. Producer:Kweku Hayford
Talent:Wesley Snipes, Steven Seagal, DMX, Doug Hutchison, Andrew Bryniarski, Jet Tranter, Mark Justice, Nathan Ferrier
Screenplay:Frank Burmaster
Budget:$6 Million

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