Beating Vegas



This tale of greed, gambling and desperation unfolds in the underbelly of Las Vegas’ bright lights, where illegal betting is controlled by a ruthless mobster.
Following a life on the streets of Chicago, Senor Vegas and his crew now operate a syndicate that rules by intimidation, violence and murder. Perry, a young man with a problem, is in over his head and searching frantically for a way out.

On the other side of the legal divide, Wes is a seasoned homicide detective whose wife wants him to scale back on his duties. Her intentions are thwarted, however, when Wes is drawn into a murder scene that has all the hallmarks of a Senor Vegas hit. Teaming up with Detective Kaine of the organized crime unit, the two men set out to bring down the mobster’s reign of terror.

Jimmy is a man desperate to pay his rent after losing his job, as his girlfriend struggles with her abusive boss in an effort to support them both. He becomes
embroiled with Senor Vegas after taking out a loan, and soon he and Perry are both fighting for their lives and planning to commit the ultimate heist.

Beating Vegas is an action-packed thrill-ride through the seamy underworld of illegal fight matches, loan sharking and mob violence. As each of the characters struggles to maintain both their relationship and their sanity, Senor Vegas moves in for the kill.

Alvaro Orlando, Vene Arcoraci and Gia Salazar are set to appear in this Jason Fisher production.

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Type:Feature Film
Genre:Action and Drama
Creator:Ryan Golchuk
Director:Jason Anthony Fisher
Producer:Jason Anthony Fisher
Ex. Producer:Kweku Hayford
Talent:Alvaro Orlando, Vene Acoraci, Oscar Torre, Rusty Meyers, Gia Salazar, Mark Justice, Rosario Elena Hernandez, Sid Liufau, Crystal Harris
Screenplay:Ryan Golchuk, Jason Anthony Fisher
Budget:$6 Million

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