If filmmakers were financial wizards, there would probably be a lot fewer independent movies out there failing to turn a profit. But, for the most part, they’re not. Filmmakers are the creative drivers behind the movies and television shows that capture our imagination, but in so doing they have a remarkable tendency to lose their shirts.

Remarkable because in and of itself, investing in the film and entertainment industry is a sound and tested option for portfolio diversification. What filmmakers need, however, is the financial wherewithal and expertise to make good on the industry’s vast potential. Nimble Sage provides that budget-saving advice.

Our core function is to match investors with projects that show a rich potential for healthy returns. That’s not particularly challenging as the industry itself is booming. There are still more movie tickets being sold than admissions to theme parks and sporting events combined. And it’s a $36 billion-dollar global industry that is increasingly being fed by independent producers. While the mega-companies rely on big names and even bigger special effects to draw audiences to the box office, the independents have taken a huge piece of the market by providing a thoughtful alternative.

The move to multi-layered digital platforms has also provided exponential growth, with a surge in new ways for audiences to enjoy feature films and television shows. Each provides investors with an additional avenue for returns, whether they be from cable video-on-demand services, internet based platforms, or the sale of DVDs.

A number of variables influence the potential return on investment in the film and entertainment industry, and all are closely analyzed by Nimble Sage in determining which projects to back. These include the film’s proposed budget, cast, genre and marketing plan. We only offer to provide financial backing when we are confident of the project’s potential to earn a healthy return.

Finally, investing in independent film has proven particularly attractive because of the industry’s seeming imperviousness to economic fluctuations. No matter the health of the global economy, audiences continue to seek entertainment and turn, invariably, to film and television.

If you are looking for a profitable investment that provides above-average returns (and the ever-present possibility of backing a blockbuster), get in touch with our financial consultants.

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