Ask almost any independent filmmaker and they’ll tell you the same thing. There’s not enough money to go around, and video-on-demand is killing the industry. At Nimble Sage, we take those two seemingly universal truths and turn them on their heads. We believe there’s always funding for the right project, and that there has never been a larger or more diverse audience waiting to see your work.

It’s certainly true that public funding for emerging filmmakers is drying up. Additionally, the rapid development of digital technologies has made it easy for anyone to make their own backyard indie. People tend to think that this makes getting a piece of the investment pie all the more difficult, but we need you to understand two things: it’s not a fixed pie, and we can give you a bigger spoon.

Some investors want to see a light at the end of the tunnel, a brilliant return on their investment. Others just want to the chance to be a player in the entertainment industry. Either way, you need to be able to demonstrate that you’ve got the right idea, at the right time, and a business plan to back it up.

We can assist you with that. We’ll help you map out not only the proposed budget for your project, but a detailed schedule, marketing and distribution plan. We have a solid network of investors looking for promising new talent. We know what they want, and we’ll make sure you’re equipped to give them what they need.

A strategy for online distribution is now mandatory in any marketing plan. You need to know which digital platforms you’re going to target, and the expected return from VOD sales, before you record your first frame. That’s where most independent filmmakers fall-down, and where Nimble Sage’s hard-won experience can position you for success.

Being independent doesn’t mean having to do everything yourself. It can be hard to tell a good story when you’re also acting, directing, and editing your footage all night. Along with financial backing and an effective distribution strategy, you need an experienced production crew to take your project from original to outstanding. We have the network, and we have the expertise.

The journey from back yard to box office is more often envisioned than traveled. We can’t walk it for you, but we can get you firmly on your way.
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