Scott Rosenfelt

Project Director/Executive Producer

Evaluating a project for commercial viability and public appeal isn’t as easy as it sounds. The truth is, it takes a champion to spot a winner. Major league sports have their talent scouts, and a good financial broker is the one who can see the potential in a new start-up. At Nimble Sage, we’ve got Scott Rosenfelt.

If you’ve seen “Home Alone”, “Mystic Pizza”, “Teen Wolf” or a host of other independent blockbusters, you’re already familiar with Scott Rosenfelt’s work. He is one of Hollywood’s most successful independent producers, with an award-winning portfolio of features, documentaries and screenplays. As a Producer, Executive Producer and Director, Scott has brought everything from family comedies to the conflict in Syria to millions of moviegoers around the world.

Scott leads the development process for Nimble Sage projects. After a thorough evaluation of the proposal and business plan, he oversees the transition from concept to creation. We’re very fortunate to have such a lauded professional on board, and our Project Director is a key part of the Nimble Sage team.