Nicholas Coriano

Proposals Manager

Nimble Sage’s Proposals Manager is a former Wall Street executive who has worked with clients around the globe. Nicholas Coriano holds a BS in Business Finance from the University of Connecticut and a Juris Doctorate from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago. His experience in the venture capital and private equity industry makes him the man we trust with all things relating to our investor proposals.

Nick has consulted with a wide variety of public and private companies whose net worth has climbed north of $500 million. This means he’s completely at home with the numbers involved in our large-scale productions. He’s a great communicator, a strategic thinker, and knows exactly how to monetize an innovative concept. With tenure at Merrill Lynch and The New York Stock Exchange, Nick is well positioned to provide comprehensive, accurate, and realistic proposals to our investors. As a bonus, he can also do all of it in Spanish if you ask nicely.