Kweku Hayford

Principal/Executive Producer

Our Principal is a man of many talents. Kweku Hayford is ultimately responsible for ensuring our projects are completed on budget, which begins by securing adequate funding. He collaborates with a network of investors and financiers to raise capital for Nimble Sage projects, and then recruits key staff to make the magic happen. Kweku’s skill in allocating resources and managing the operational budgets keeps the bottom line his top priority.

Kweku Hayford graduated Magna Cum Laude from Clark Atlanta University and hit the ground running. He quickly built an enviable reputation as a negotiator, business strategist, and key asset in turning new establishments into mature, revenue generating power-houses.

All of our projects begin with an idea, and Kweku’s genius lies in his ability to envision the end product while the seed is still germinating. He has brought over twenty years of experience in project management and leadership to bear on the entertainment industry, with outstanding results. Kweku finds the money, ensures that it is spent wisely, accounts for every penny, and keeps our investors happy. All this while being a passionate runner and keen proponent for various charitable causes.