Jason Anthony Fisher

Project Acquisition Manager/Producer

If you like to go it alone, you’re probably not working in the film and entertainment industry. It takes a team to make a great motion picture, and we work collaboratively with a number of external producers and crews. Meet Jason Anthony Fisher, the guy at Nimble Sage who manages those relationships and keeps everyone moving in the same direction.

Jason began his career as an actor and writer before blossoming into an award-winning screenwriter. From there, he honed his production talents, winning a Platinum Reel Award at the 2015 Nevada International Film Festival for “A.K.A. The Surgeon” which he wrote, directed and produced. Having succeeded in so many facets of the industry, Jason is the perfect conduit between Nimble Sage and all of our varied partners.

Jason is always on the prowl for projects that show potential and does a thorough pre-evaluation of all his finds. As our Project Acquisition Manager, he ensures that Nimble Sage continues to bring the most promising projects to our investors while opening the door to outstanding creative talent.