You’ve probably got a lot of questions. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for from the list below, get in touch.

  • All I need is financing. Can you help?

    Absolutely. Our clients come to us at all stages of development for help with a variety of challenges. Some have yet to find a producer or need a good casting agent, while others have everything they need except the money to get going. We match promising film projects with investors looking for opportunities in film and entertainment, so even if you’re only looking for financing, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Can you help me get my movie to a film festival?

    We can’t guarantee you’ll be accepted, but we can certainly point you in the right direction. With over 5,000 film festivals convening around the world every year, the prospect of where to start can seem overwhelming. We can help identify the right venue for your project, secure any necessary releases, adhere to the festival formatting requirements, and even prepare your press kit. Film festivals are a fantastic way to put your film in front of a real audience, and Nimble Stage provides the expertise to get your there.

  • How do I turn my novel into a screenplay?

    Creating a screenplay is an entirely different craft to writing a novel. That being said, you can make the transition is you’re prepared to completely change the format, focus and length of your manuscript. Start with some good software – there’s a whole range available that will make it easier for you to lay-out your script in the right format and develop a solid story board. The first ten pages are the most important and need to grab the audience’s attention. Your whole story then needs to be captured in about 90 more. The biggest difference between a book and a script is that you can no longer use the narrative to explain what’s going on. You may need more action scenes, and will definitely have to work on the dialogue. Most authors rely on professional screenwriters to adapt their work for the movies, and doing it yourself will require patience, time, and the ability to take apart all that carefully crafted prose.

  • I’ve got an idea for a great film. How do I get started?

    Talk to us. We receive submissions from some filmmakers who are ready to shoot, and others who just have an excellent idea and need help to get rolling. Nimble Sage is a turnkey operation, which means we can provide assistance through all phases of project development and production. Just Contact Us and we’ll go from there.

  • What are some examples of product placement?

    Product placement is a form of advertising where a brand is featured in a film or television production. This can be done in several unobtrusive ways. Billboard and signage can be used to promote a brand in the background of a scene. Characters use or consume various products with the brand name clearly visible to the audience. They also shop in specific stores, drive particular cars, and favour different types of coffee. Clothing choices are rarely random. In some cases, the product is integral to the plot. The Italian Job just doesn’t happen without the Mini Coopers. Nimble Sage connects corporate clients with the producers and other key players who can get their brand on screen.

  • What are the benefits of joining your network of industry professionals?

    Nimble Sage is able to offer a turnkey service to both investors and filmmakers because we rely on our extensive network of people who work in the film and entertainment industry. This is where we turn when a client is looking for a production crew, an experienced editor, or a sound investment opportunity. By joining our network, you will be connected to a broad range of professionals who can either help you with your project, or need your assistance in completing theirs. We bring people who are looking for advice and services together with those who can provide them, welcoming anyone who has an interest in the field of entertainment and something to contribute.

  • What kind of distribution methods can you provide?

    For a film or television production to be profitable, it must be sold across a spectrum of viewing platforms. This includes theatrical release, DVD, VOD, digital platforms, cable, and foreign rights. Nimble Sage works with distributors across all of these formats to ensure a completed project attracts the widest audience for the highest returns. We can’t stress enough how important a multi-faceted distribution strategy will be to the success of your production.

  • What’s the budget range for financing?

    While this is a good question, it’s probably the wrong one. We assess each filmmaker submission on its own merits, which includes checking the proposed budget to make sure it’s realistic and as comprehensive as you can make it. The range for financing is based on your business plan, not on a fixed or predetermined scale. If it’s the right project, we’ll find the right investor, regardless of how much or how little financing you require.

  • Who are your investors?

    Different people invest in the film and entertainment industry for different reasons, which is why we have such a broad range of investors. Some are looking to diversify their portfolios and choose our field because of its resilience in times of economic uncertainty. We also have investors who are committed to assisting independent productions because of their own interests or experiences. Some of our investors enjoy great wealth, while others are looking to make a more modest contribution. Many of our projects pool funds from several sources and a few are backed by stand-alone financing. Our investors can be interested in anything from a healthy return to the opportunity to be more directly involved in a particular production. In short, our investors are people who have a passion for film and the capital to help grow a healthy, profitable and vibrant industry.

  • Why do filmmaker proposals get rejected?

    If you’re looking for financing, you need to be prepared. Most of the filmmaker proposals we turn away don’t have a solid plan or clear sense of direction. Investors are looking for a proposal that sets out exactly what they can expect to get out of the deal, not just what you’d like them to contribute. A submission without a comprehensive business plan, that includes a detailed budget, is going to be difficult to pitch to investors. Additionally, your experience and expertise will come under scrutiny, so you should consider bringing more seasoned partners on board to lend credence to your proposal if this is your maiden project.

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