Vivian Naree

Entertainment Project Advisor

Our Entertainment Project Advisor also happens to be the CEO of the Pilar Entertainment Group (PEG), industry leaders in production, media and marketing. Vivian Naree moved to Los Angeles in 2000 and has spent the last decade building an entertainment powerhouse in film, television, theatre and special events.

In 2004, Vivian took a short hiatus to spend time with her daughter and develop the Dance Academy Program at Hancock Park Elementary in Los Angeles. She returned to the industry in 2010, partnering with Alain Zaloum in the production of “Puppet Master”, a short musical feature. At the same time, PEG’s Distribution Division was launched. The Marketing Division followed five years later, taking on two of the biggest hot air balloon companies in Napa, California as founding clients. Plans for the addition of a Theatrical Division are currently in the works.

Vivian has also devoted herself to bettering the lives of young people and was the Executive Director of Children Uniting Nations, a non-profit corporation founded to help at-risk youth and children in the foster care system. She travels between New York, Los Angeles and Napa, working tirelessly on a full slate of film projects heading for production in the coming year.

As an asset and a key advisor to Nimble Sage, Vivian’s well-manicured fingernails get muddied up in development, production and distribution projects.