Ralph Cooper II

Entertainment Project Advisor

Nimble Sage relies on an extensive and carefully nurtured network of industry professionals to assist in all stages of development and production. Ralph Cooper II is our ace-in-the-hole when it comes to dealing with the major Hollywood studios, and was literally born into the film and entertainment industry.

The famed “Amateur Night at the Apollo” was the creation of his father, Ralph Cooper. Everyone from Ella Fitzgerald, through Marvin Gaye to Michael Jackson, sang their hearts out every Wednesday night for a chance at stardom. For twelve years, Ralph Cooper II produced his father’s stage show, “Show Time at the Apollo”, for NBC television. In 1992, when Ralph Cooper passed away, his son went from co-hosting the amateur night to taking on the show.

Ralph is a producer and actor in his own right, and was an associate consultant for 1984’s The Cotton Club. He lends a weight of personal experience to Nimble Sage’s management team, and is a true veteran of the industry.