Alain Zaloum

Creative Advisor

Sometimes, we have to make difficult choices. Among the hardest are which film and television projects to accept, and what direction to take them in. That’s where Alain Zaloum’s experience, intuition and feel for the business really come into play.

Alain graduated from the University of Southern California’s Film and Television School, and worked his way from production assistant to become a true industry Writer/Director. He has written extensively for both film and television, including the script for “David & Fatima”, an award-winning drama co-starring Tony Curtis and Oscar winner Martin Landau. Among his many accomplishments, Alain was the winner of the Robert Mondavi Award for Peace & Cultural Understanding at the Napa/Sonoma Film Festival in 2008 and the winner of the World Cinema Award at the Washington Indie Film Festival in 2009. He has also served on several film juries, and most recently wrote and directed “Le Dulce Debbie” for the Oprah Winfrey Network in 2016.

It is the breadth of Alain’s experience as both a writer and director which make him such a key component of Nimble Sage’s management team. He has an innate sense of what will work (and what won’t) that has been honed over a long and distinguished career in the entertainment industry. As our Creative Advisor, he helps us make good choices, great decisions, and fabulous movies.