Nimble Sage

Nimble Sage was founded to provide comprehensive management services to filmmakers, investors and professionals within the film and entertainment industry. We’re proud to be a turnkey company, equipped to meet all of our clients’ needs with prompt efficiency.

The reason we’re so confident in our ability to take on the thorniest challenges is our network of industry professionals. These talented men and women are an integral part of our company and the secret weapon behind our success. Combined with our own team of dedicated enthusiasts, we’re well positioned to serve the needs of all the various stakeholders who make up our diverse and vibrant industry.

Our company was named for the sage plant, revered by the ancient Egyptians for its legendary healing powers. Sage was used to treat a variety of ailments, and we like to think we’re built the same way. We soothe the concerns of anxious filmmakers while reassuring our investors that their projects are focused and progressing. Just as sage is the ultimate healer, we’re the consummate problem-solvers.

We partner with the very best production companies, casting agencies, investors and distributors in the business. To them, we introduce some of the most creative, engaging and dedicated content creators on the planet. Together, we make great entertainment for audiences around the world.

Our Mission

To serve the needs of our clients so that they can excel in all that they wish to accomplish. From funding, through to production and marketing, we forge partnerships built on trust, respect, and a shared commitment to promoting excellence in the film and entertainment industry.

Our mission is far more than a statement to marvel over and subsequently forget. These are the words we live and work by, the moral compass that grounds us in all that we do.

Our Vision

To build a reputation that fixes us solidly among the most profitable investment companies in the film and entertainment industry.

The best part is, we’re already on our way.

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5,400+ experts in our professional network. Industry specialists in all aspects of production, distribution and product placement.

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