Film Buggy Introduces a Democratic Approach to Filmmaking



Movie enthusiasts are rarely engaged in the process of determining which films get made. Decisions are made by filmmakers and their investors, usually based on nothing more than a persuasive pitch and a belief that audiences will pay to see the final product. There’s plentiful evidence in theaters across the nation that they don’t always get it right.

Film Buggy gives both fans and industry professionals the opportunity to weigh in on a new project when it’s still in pre-production. This innovative new platform invites subscribers to vote on the pitches that filmmakers create to attract investors, giving a thumbs-up or a resounding “no” to their commercial viability. It’s an interactive way to gauge whether a project is likely to find an audience, and provides valuable feedback to filmmakers and their prospective backers.

Subscribing to Film Buggy is free, and the community of enthusiastic opinion-givers includes filmmakers, producers, actors and a multitude of film fanatics. Film Buggy results are now influencing all stages in the independent film making process, from financing and casting to production and distribution. The motion picture business has traditionally been a closed world to its millions of fans, and Film Buggy opens a door that has long remained firmly shut. It is, in essence, a democratic approach to filmmaking where the end-user finally gets to have a say in designing the product.

The site is managed by Kweku Hayford, the Principal of Nimble Sage Productions. He is delighted that the concept of inviting open discussion in the nascent stages of production is receiving an enthusiastic reception from filmmakers, investors, and movie buffs alike.

Media Contact:
Kweku Hayford
Nimble Sage Productions

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