Discovery, Salvation and Renewal in a New Slate of Films from Nimble Sage Productions and Pilar Entertainment Group



Nimble Sage and Pilar Entertainment have recently teamed up to produce three exciting new projects, included a long-awaited sequel to Bob Fosse’s Cabaret. All three are currently in pre-production and already gaining some serious attention from prospective talent and industry insiders.

The Kit Kat Girls revisits the club where it all began, many years after the war as its owner (Joel Grey) struggles to keep the lights on. With a mix of familiar numbers and original compositions, this musical will delight a legion of fans who are eager to re-enter the famed doors of the Kit Kat Klub.

A second project, Summer Sisters, is a heartwarming story of three girls on the cusp of adolescence who spend a single glorious summer in the country. Audrey has grown up in New York and is thrust into the lives of her two sisters, who live outside the city and have a very different understanding of what it means to be a child. Created by Vivian Naree, Summer Sisters is a tender reflection on sisterhood, coming of age, and the simple pleasures of discovering family.

Yiou is based on the true story of a man who survives a devastating fire after being set alight by his brother. Yiou Sechang’s wife is killed in the blaze as neighbors rescue his four children, leaving him severely injured and utterly devastated. The film takes audiences back to Thailand in the late 70s where Yiou’s family await immigration to the United States. The period drama provides an intimate portrait of a family driven by hope and marked by tragedy, tracing their journey of unimaginable hardship and survival.

Kweku Hayford will step in as Executive Producer for all three projects to secure film investors, building on a tradition of close partnership between the two companies. Hayford will have his hands full with a growing stable of projects which includes a major Hollywood production in the nascent stages of development.

Award winning writer and director Alain Zaloum will share producer duties with Vivian Naree, Pilar Entertainment’s CEO. Veteran producer Ralph Cooper II is also on board, rounding out an impressive team that is determined to bring these important and engaging stories to the screen.

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