Nimble Sage Productions and Amusement Ride Entertainment Partner on Intriguing New Film Slate



Recent talks between Nimble Sage Productions and Amusement Ride Entertainment have resulted in the issuance of an ambitious slate of films now in pre-production. Kweku Hayford leads the Nimble Sage team as Executive Producer for six new projects from writer/director/producer Jason Anthony Fisher. The films cover a range of popular genres and draw from the boundless creativity of the industry’s best young screenwriters.

Beating Vegas and Bounty Hunter are both action-packed dramas with their share of heroes, villains and climactic show-downs. In The Game is the gritty tale of two students who become embroiled in drug-dealing, while The Patriarch is a classic horror film that hits all the right (and terrifying) notes. The Crossing Flowers Motel is a psychological drama that was nominated for a Best Screenplay award. Rounding out the slate is Cranky & Uptight, a romantic comedy with a dramatic twist.

The cinematographer for all six films is Bob Nguyen, a dynamic master of the celluloid arts who brings a wealth of experience to the production crew. Mark A. Woodward, Jacob Stuart, Frank Burmaster, Mark Justice, Karen Buckton and Gia Salazer are among the many writers, actors and producers who are lending their talents to this exciting undertaking.

The slate is attracting a mix of both new faces and veteran actors in its commitment to present a diverse and inclusive cast. The mission of the project is to produce six outstanding feature films that will showcase the wealth of creative talent currently working in the movie industry. This is an unparalleled opportunity for promising filmmakers, technicians and actors to hone their craft alongside seasoned professionals as they breathe life into these innovative scripts.

The new partnership is also pulling the attention of distributors, several of whom have expressed interest in obtaining either foreign or domestic distribution rights. All six films are sure to receive a warm welcome from audiences eager to sample the wares of independent filmmaking.

Media Contact:
Kweku Hayford
Nimble Sage Productions
703 627-2224

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