Spiderman’s Second Reboot – The Numbers are In



Sony had the webslinger and Marvel had the universe. The two came together in Captain America: Civil War, where Tom Holland’s Spiderman did for the movie what Brad Pitt’s secondary character did for Thelma and Louise. He literally stole the show. Spider-man: Homecoming is the first in what will likely be a series of movies that solidify the iconic hero’s place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony and Marvel are co-parenting this new portrayal, following on Sam Raimi’s original trilogy and the less successful “Amazing” couplet directed by Marc Webb. And like all new parents, they were anxiously awaiting their baby’s first steps.

Homecoming debuted with a global box office take of $257 million, dropping to $45.2 million in its second week after facing stiff competition from Fox’s release of War of the Planet of the Apes. For what is essentially a teen high school comedy, those are pretty sweet numbers. It seems that rebooting the character for a third incarnation wasn’t that farfetched after-all, and it would appear that the audience’s appetite for all things Marvel is far from satiated. Homecoming gives Peter Parker a strong independent storyline which crosses paths with the MCU from time to time without being diminished by the exchange. It looks like Peter is destined to be Spider-Man first, and a newly minted Avenger only a distant second. And that, happily, sums up where the future of the franchise lies.

You can’t help but think that deep in the bowels of Marvel Studios, there’s an incredibly complicated Venn diagram that shows the interconnection of every member of the Marvel Universe from here to infinity. That’s a really long time, but Marvel and Sony seem to be just gearing up for a reboot that already looks to be the one that’s going to go the distance.

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