UK Tax Relief Programs Boosting British Film Industry



The film production business has been booming in the UK over the last several years, in large part due to tax incentives which provide a cash rebate of up to 25% of expenditures for British qualifying films. The projects have to pass a culture test to establish that they are indeed “British” productions, although tax relief is also available for eligible co-productions. In addition, films must be intended for theatrical release and 10% of expenditures must be spent on
production tasks undertaken in the UK.

What this all means is that tax relief is good for the film industry. The incentives are attractive enough to encourage several co-productions with major US studios, who are opening new doors for local talent in far-flung locations across all four countries in the UK. That, in turn, is great for the national economy. Filmmaking is the faster growing sector of the UK economy, worth over five and a half billion dollars, and responsible for creating over 66,000 jobs.

It also means you can expect to see many more “Made in Great Britain” productions like The Crown or Game of Thrones in the years to come. According to the British Arts Council, over 500 features are at some stage of production at the moment, filming in disparate locations throughout the UK. They run the full gamut of genres and include several projects by foreign investors, lured to the British Isles by the prospect of saving money and tapping in on world class expertise and an unparalleled choice of sets and locations.

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