The film “Logan” focuses on the current life of, of course, Logan—who has become a broken down shadow of his former self during the year 2029, a time when the X-Men have disbanded, and the number of mutants has gone down by quite a lot. Logan now works as a chauffeur and struggles with alcohol issues, and his self-healing skills are deteriorating with time. He also now looks after the older and ill Professor X.

It is only when Logan meets and goes on an accompaniment mission with a young girl called Laura, who possesses numerous skills similar to those of Wolverine that things begin to take a turn…

Logan is a movie that was highly anticipated by throngs of people, and it did not disappoint the majority of the people that went out and watched it when it came out. In fact, it exceeded the already very high expectations that everyone had maintained for it.

One thing that needs to be noted that although there are some phenomenal action scenes in this film, the focus is not as heavily placed on the action as compared to other films in the X-Men movies. Instead, this film gives much more priority to the actual characters, which was a very smart move. The plot weaves itself around each of the characters flawlessly, causing the viewers to develop an attachment for Logan himself (played by Hugh Jackman), as well as Laura (played by Dafne Keen) before they even realize it.

While the film’s name might suggest otherwise, the main character of the movie seems to be Laura, rather than Logan himself—but this is nothing to be disappointed about, because her character is compelling, and each scene that features her makes you want to know more.

That is not to say that Hugh Jackman didn’t do a great job in his role. In fact, many would agree that this was one of his best performances to date. Vulnerable and weak is a side of Wolverine that nobody has seen before, and Hugh Jackman’s performance as this new version of Wolverine was perfect, making the film thoroughly interesting.

Die-hard violence and gore lovers may be in for a disappointment with this movie because it is much more emotional than it is violent. You become emotionally invested in the characters, and you may find yourself in tears at certain parts of the movie. That being said, there are certainly a few scenes in which we witness Wolverine ripping people to shreds—the film caters to a wide audience by balancing these scenes with the more emotional scenes.

Overall, Logan is a movie that ticks all the boxes. There is a plot that is heartbreaking, gripping, visually stunning and embellished with a few action scenes that will have you holding your breath in the best possible way. A must watch for all fans of the X-Men series, as well as those that have never watched an X-Men film in their life.

  • 117