Promise Her Anything



Promise Her Anything is a film centered on George Putter, a man who belongs to a wealthy family and lives in a mansion in a small town in Canada. One day, a tax lady called Caroline arrives in this little town, disrupting the place completely by putting all of the townspeople at risk of being exposed for not paying taxes.

George hatches a plan to woo Caroline and therefore save the town from this danger.

Thus, a romance between George and Caroline ensues.

Promise Her Anything is a lovely, cozy film—as simple and uncomplicated as the town that it takes place in. For some, this simplicity might be off-putting, but if you are looking for a movie that you can watch while sitting back and relaxing on a comfortable couch, this is exactly the kind of feel-good movie that would do the job.

The fact that this movie was a small budget independent project makes one wonder, before watching it, if it would be worth giving a shot. However, this movie is underrated, to say the least, with very few critic reviews and not a lot of acclaim.

The cast, most of whom are not very well known, did a fantastic job in each of their roles, with Billy Zane’s performance being arguably the best of the lot.
With plenty of beautiful scenery of the town that it is set in to make this film pleasing to the eye and compliment the comfortable and enjoyable plotline, Promise Her Anything is light and fluffy without being silly or wandering off into the nonsensical territory, as many romantic comedies tend to do.
Instead, what this movie does manage to achieve is a funny and compelling story, endearing characters that draw you in the right from the start, as well as some charming comedy and romance—both of which are perfectly balanced out with each other.

The camera work is done with a good amount of skill, and the costumes are nicely put together so that they work nicely with the scenes that they are worn in.
One of the possible downfalls of the film, to some people, might be that it is rather predictable, especially if you have seen a lot of romantic comedies. However, that does not take away from the fact that the movie is engaging and has some of that lovely old-fashioned charm that a lot of viewers might miss in some of the newer romance movies that are coming out these days.

Best of all, the film is family friendly and is a great one to watch with lots of loved ones.

Overall, this lesser known romance comedy movie is certainly a hidden gem that a large number of people are sure to enjoy if they can look past the fact that the cast is not as famous as a lot of other films and the fact that the storyline is comfortably predictable.
Promise Her Anything gets the thumbs up from us.

  • 110