David & Fatima



David and Fatima is a movie that is set in Jerusalem, a city that is full of an array of people of all sorts of different religions—most of which are not “supposed” to mix with each other.

The film follows the story of David, an Israeli Jewish man as well as Fatima, who is a Palestinian Muslim. The two fall in love, but their love is not well received by their friends and family once they find out this secret that the two had been trying to hide.

To escape the dangerous disapproval that they are facing, the pair goes to their families and run away to begin a journey in search of love and peace.
While the concept of forbidden love is not a new theme for movies, by any means, the fact that it has been done before does not take away from the compelling, fascinating and highly enjoyable film that is David and Fatima. You may walk into the film, expecting it to be a typical plot, based off of something like Romeo and Juliet –but upon actually watching it, you may find that it significantly exceeds your expectations.

Alain Zaloum did a brilliant job of creating a movie that managed to feel realistic and thrilling at the same time and made the viewer feel a plethora of emotions that only the best masterpieces can inspire. Zaloum’s film took a topic that many people in the world can relate to, and turned it into a work of art that could leave moviegoers stunned once the movie ended.

Not many of the actors that took part in this movie were very well known, but they nonetheless performed excellently in spite of this. While the majority of the cast was American, their portrayal of Israeli and Palestinian people was convincing enough not to hinder the plot in any way, and in fact did the absolute opposite and added to the charm of the movie immensely. Cameron Van Hoy, in particular, was particularly memorable in his role as David and was of the reasons why the film was so thoroughly engrossing from start to finish.

Additionally, credit needs to be given to Michael J. Lloyd, because the soundtrack was so well done and complimented the scenes so well that it could give you shivers. The characters are relatable, and you grow to care for them throughout the movie, hoping for them to achieve the happy ending that everyone wants to see.
Overall, David and Fatima is a film that was beautifully brought to life and truly showcased the talents of not only the actors that took part in, but also the immense talent of Alain Zaloum, the director, and writer.

For anyone that is searching for a movie to bring about a variety of emotions while keeping you interested throughout, and not wanting the movie to end, David and Fatima is a movie that you need to give a shot.

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